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Easy / simple explanation of Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Why are the United Nations so important, why must we really be working together, no veto rights anymore! Stop Veto Power United Nations!

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1.0  Introduction
2.0  Text "Stop Veto Power United Nations" from subject "Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation"
3.0  Why must we really be working together in the United Nations, no veto rights anymore!

SOME DISHONEST WEBSITES REPORT PRIVACY INFORMATION ILLEGALLY. The owner of this domain is not the writer of the contents, but a customer with free thoughts who wish to be private!

(23/09/17) My time 0 or timeless final conclusion FOR NOW (physically), see the other webpage ((03/02/18) Emergent energy is as well mass as time)!

Latest news (28/01/17): "Megalomaniac power" with a debt of (01/02/17) 22.421 billion (and daily growing with 4 billion, copy link "http://www.destaatsschuldmeter.nl/amerika-verenigde-staten-vs-usa/", can never be paid back, 124.000 per working person) threatens United Nations member nations, "Who not supports us ..". This looks for me the right moment to establish a new United Nations in Europe which would be really effective, in which the veto right is being banned and so finally can be reach successes into the future! Let us strong independent together in Europe with our own thoughts and to cooperate with the rest of the world, and to ignore all that negative gut feelings!
But I can understand if a debt is so terrible irresponsible huge, there must be introducing changes which decrease that debt .. and I hope not a world war because one have nothing to lose .. maybe is Europa being next to take initiatives together with other countries .. for myself I am a supporter from the EU, because working together is very important to prevent war, sometimes I think that the EU is not intelligent enough and let it act too much by a partner (war in the brains) by which it again start with buying more and more weapons (and other stuff) from that partner (sales) and it on a given moment suddenly has been war again (for that partner far from home, and it is very easy to provoke a war in times of stress in the brains) ..

(08/04/17) We live on the moment again in a very dangerous time, there can be going to start big wars again on different locations in the world as some wishes, I asked myself how high the historical understanding is from all what happened in the previous century? Also I asked myself if the computer brings us more of lesser truth? Maybe we have to go once more through all misery to come, before we become really wiser and is this website unfortunately launched too early .. let us hope that this time no children and babies will be bombed with napalm or one will throw atom bombs, would one not win again .. it is unbelievable that we are all still pathetic in 2017, when is that intellect turning point coming? Everything is simple to solve via a good organized United Nations without veto rights with many resources if one really wants, but one don't want it, this dominant monkey behaviour (and for who, on the most of us, makes this stupid behaviour 0% impression) without the United Nations as usually ends in nothing (and again more debts)! Personally I think that a specific country do not want or is allowed to give up the veto right because the Palestinian problem will then be solved as first through the world after 50 years!

(20/05/17) Big weapon deal, piece is for the time being yet far and far away in this naïve world!

(22/09/17) Hopefully are we more smarter currently and can we stop the conflict what can be started in the world with the right provocative decisions, e.g. with the ending of veto rights!

(19/10/17) Very good point of view of some countries to control also the internet, it is also a border post. There would be everywhere a filter on the internet that countries are not allowed anymore to collect personal of other bad information or to distribute it. In fact all public affairs must be falling under the jurisdiction of the United Nations (also search machines) with high penalties when misused by countries who collect obsessive illegal information. The technique can be staying in hands of the countries it selves but under supervision of the United Nations. Possibly each continent or collection of countries must have its own searching machine with a filter for the others. Hopefully is the EU also forcefully in its own way in the future about this subject!

(10/12/17) Fortunately it is being more and more clear to end the right of veto, some countries become yet more and more dictatorial, this doesn't be right anymore in these times. And when the right of veto have been ended, there must be huge penalties when one tries to buy votes by pressure and intimidate other countries. A judgement must always be purely. Be a buffalo (see below) and end the right of veto!

(01/02/18) I am proud on the EU with its own opinion about the Palestinian problem. Beautiful of the EU is not only they will be technically better and better, they don't chuck there money about and the word social is very important here!

(20/02/18) Very very nice to hear that young people in the USA stand up against the weapons lobby. E.g. in Europe only police, military and criminals have weapons, and a very few individuals with a license. Mainly criminals fight against other criminals with fire weapons (and sometimes). This website tries above all to stimulate that you go in action before you undergo something personally, because otherwise is it too late mostly. A well organized United Nations without the right of veto is the only possibility to solve problems in the whole world. I hope that this young people in the USA are going to realize that only an United Nations without the right of veto could also solve their problems e.g. that the private possession of weapons is forbidden worldwide what in fact is already in the most countries ..

(27/03/18) It is very difficult these days to judge who is honestly and what is the real truth. The danger from see 08/04/17 is for long not over yet, some do their very best in the world to cause a new conflict and going therefore with a goal again and again a step further, they see this time as their ultimate opportunity to generate one conflict after the other far from their bed, if we don't stop them this is going to continue for centuries, see their violent life also in own country in which they feel their selves pleasant, you ask yourself why, excessive obsessions, is there being a matter of insanity maybe, and why are others always willing them, no imagination, not intelligent enough, stone-blind and deaf, the sequence and seriousness of facts mixed, only for the money on the road to bad times (goes it maybe about the export of shale gas for billions)? One thing is for sure, an United Nations without the right of veto wants nobody, because anybody still needs dominance or reaching ruthless his/her goals which are going only about power and money. Only a few have power over billions of people. This process can't be broken through almost, because simply we don't want that. They who are the best in public relations, wins with his/her goals to reach and may unpunished killing hundreds of thousands people and cause hundreds of thousands people a miserable life, without the UN. (08/04/18) What a life if you are born in the Middle-East in which the West tests its weapons. The Palestinians are becoming the American Indians of the Middle-East. Very slowly it will be clear that e.g. a country as Russia is the initiator of all wars in the world, have been introduced intruding computersystems via the internet, world wide collecting data, try to influence countries, trying to take over other countries, intruding voting machines and in fact destabilized the whole world etc. Maybe it is time now to end the right of veto, then is it not possible anymore to block "good" resolutions, nobody can start illegal wars anymore, suspicions / problems can be investigated / judged by tribunals, only a world army may possess weapons, anybody who wants to be off track is being corrected immediately or punished by sanctions independent of his/her economic status .. then we have finally e.g. a country as Russia under control .. because we are all equally afterwards ..

(20/04/18) I think (just a thought) that a country like Russia have been made a big mistake in the existence of a powerful block in the world partly in America and partly in the Middle-East. That block with its own plan is so strong with public relations via the media (even many forums have been stopped) etc. that members of the UN Security Council (especially a hypocrite female member) are very sensible for pictures of dead children as long as they are not Palestinians. The truth plays no role anymore (therefore must the veto power be stopped)! (21/04/18) All honor to the American-Israeli actress who refuses a price because of the massive shooting (murdering) of unarmed young Palestinian activists. The cowardly world again don't dare to react, they follow only the money. They wait for the next incident to react by order of the Americans. Playing bluff poker works in 2 directions, nevertheless they haven't yet that guts (everybody needs the other in the same strong way, try it)! Just as politics and religions must be separated, so would foreign politics and economy being separated (sanctions only possible via the UN), otherwise the moral sinks deeper and deeper where we one day go to experience the consequences, because the world is going to be more complex and is more difficult to influence. Some say sometimes that 80% of the humanity is an idiot (pessimists of course, they are meaning that people are easy to mislead, even let send them into death while the leaders are far away safely), but I absolutely don't agree with that. I hear a lot a good opinions around me, also many young people have a good mentality, but it is the powerlessness (partly also apathy of course), one can't easily organize anymore (and one don't listen anymore to them). To take these impossible tasks out of hands one must only head for an UN without veto power, there they can organize (and to organize all in rules to make plans of "little devils" impossible) and keep the moral high!

What history (22/2/17). Maybe interesting too to write how such subjects as mine are to find via search engines. Via Bing (so, also Yahoo etc.), Baidu and Yandex am I to find in many ways with keywords, as well the Einstein as the United Nations pages. Years ago, I was in Google number 1 (internationally) with my Einstein page because I was using the word simple, no one dares to use that word then. Then others were going to use that word also in combination with Einstein and after 1 year or so, the index of my page was going down to page 4, currently I am not to find any more on Google, visitors of my page are primarily the ones who are calling my page directly. But in Dutch never problems experienced. But in fact, is that enough for me because I find the Netherlands having a high level in physics, so would my (not common) thoughts be read sometimes, is that enough for me to reach others (meanwhile I study enthusiast near my work and can I analyze my thoughts better and better, but that costs time, so 1-2 years yet), so internationally I can't reach people anymore (but still via Bing, so Yahoo etc., Baidu and Yandex). I had also much problems with my United Nations page, the exact title was in Google always to find on page 2 so as if that page was not existing, then I placed quotes around that title and now you don't find that title anymore without the quotes (which nobody knows, but now it seems to work again!?). So, I had given up to change that all continuously. Google is powerfully and has a mechanism to characterize a page to nonsense and are difficult to find afterwards. But I notice that other websites against the right of veto are findable only on country level / language, in the English language you don't find them anymore. Consciously? My website is to find with "einstein united nations" but nobody search in that way, in another way I am also not findable, so no threat! Maybe are readers also curiously how much emails I received from the world after years, while readers of the social media are not shy to give their opinion, only 1 (but positive and from the Netherlands) and 1 angry telephone call from a specific country far away! My email address is to find on my home page and then you get guaranteed a lot of spam, how much spam have I received after years, just 0 (normally this must make you happy, statistically you should think something is not right)! This was one of the many illusions we all have in our lives .. it seems me very difficult to get people worldwide so far they have the power together (everybody have literally another opinion, even on country level, the why of that is also an analysis worth, groups of people with many similar opinions can't cooperate with each other yet, except if greediness is the common denominator).. in fairness, I had try this once more 15 years ago, in about 25 languages (all volunteers), then I sent also emails in 25 languages (now not 1 email sent, that would be seen now as spam), more reactions from the world than just 1 (always trustable?) but it was still on a small scale (also Pentagon and NAVO were visiting my website, one can have been learned what a power media could have, this time I have nothing analyzed) .. the night on my balcony on Jan. 2015 (time 0) was the trigger to try it once more .. but I still believe this can be achieved by the new generation (see United Nations page) via the social media and/or the ordinary letterbox, in fact, it is very simple, we people (not a few politicians) are the boss about our planet (you must think big, otherwise there happens nothing, then you are just too late) .. think to the story of the 1000 buffalos who look apathetic how 1 buffalo is being catch by a few lions, because they don't know their combined force or daring to use it .. and yet it is one time filmed in a Dutch documentary from Bert Haanstra that the buffalos are going together to the lions who are leaving with their tails between their legs, so it is possible .. (07/03/17) I am very happy that WikiLeaks exists! All and everybody is being misused, the breeding ground is 1 big obsession. Therefore, is a United Nations without veto rights (and with a military force on world level) so important to turn this finally in the good direction what is good for everybody and peace in the world (yet these processes are going slow). If you believe in nothing, nothing changes! And think to the fact that the most people on earth are not obsessed with power and just wish an ordinary satisfied live!

1.0  Introduction

(2015) In 2011 I started with the subject time from Einstein to understand that better. In 2014 I was reading about the entanglement of particles and got in 2015 the idea about time 0 or timeless, that means a situation in which no time exits at all. I call time the visible universe and time 0 or timeless the invisible universe. This could be maybe a link to the unknown, to why we are here! With gut feeling we call everything a coincidence, but we have absolutely no idea at all with our limit intellect. This have me inspired to follow a physical study (Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics), able to analyze my thoughts better. I am not busy with that continuously, in the meantime I enjoy life too. But I find it very important to busy with that possibly to inspire others to interrelate in other ways and the world, because the world otherwise ends in nothing. Currently are we busy very well with that by not solving any problem, all is without obligations. It is just waiting to the moment everything crashes. Is everything a coincidence (so, "something" exists forever without beginning and reason) of do we overlook something (and/or are we not smart enough yet)? Why is this insight so important in our lives? For setting the future on the right track for the next generations ..

SCIENTIFICALLY BREAKTHROUGH POSSIBLY (19/11/16) With the new theory of Erik Verlinde (Dutch) about emergent "gravitational force" I was surprised to read something I did not know, time 0 or timeless is slowly being accepted though scientists and they are busy to search for theoretically proof. This means that within 2 years after my special nightly thought on my balcony about time 0 or timeless, this indeed possibly is going to proof soon (not because of MY thought of course). Is this a sign (time 0 or timeless: everything is connected) that we must start to change our world or stay we stoically?

(my opinion in general, so not related to this discovery possibly:) The physical science approaches more and more its boundaries, to think not distinctive (bolt and nut theories) is not enough anymore, possibly and hopefully leads this thinking to a good understanding about our existence and so, to a future for which everything is going better in this world finally! The problem of science is in fact also, how more we discover (while we yet still not much and can't understand), how louder scientists call that everything is a coincidence. Now we are going to understand a little bit of our brains (while we yet still not much and can't understand), there is already a conclusion that we are a kind of robots, so robots who discover by their selves that they are a robot! These all feed of course the superficiality of our time that you above all must be busy with your own, because in fact nothing has a real meaning anymore (as long as it does not harm your own interests, personally I see the human body as a kind of tool which can have defects, but not stands completely on its own). It is above all the task of science not to work with gut feelings, and at least to admit "we don't know it either" if one haven't enough knowledge! (these gut feelings originate often from personal disappointments, but as you are is the other too, many problems in the world are caused by ourselves, as I see it. It seems how more one undergoes prosperity, how more personal disappointments.)

(2015) I think the solution is the United Nations, but because of the veto right has it no power, no single problem has been solved, it is all without obligations. It is a façade of the west and partner to wage wars everywhere, in the past it was not differently by the same countries. It has no sense at all to establish a United Nations and still wishing to continue to dominate! We are still busy primitive (but with more technology)! Jheronimus Bosch (NL) did paint already about our behavior in the fifteenth century. I know, it is very difficult to see through the meaning of live with all that bad but powerful qualities as egoism, greediness and hostile feelings inside us from nature (as we have more and more enough, and then wanting to have more and more and lesser and lesser willing to share with others, far from logic, sometimes the world looks a way of preselection). If we don't solve the problems really, also not the new problems, there have been warnings enough scientifically since the years 70, the world will end in a catastrophe. Than we can conclude that the humanity was a failed creature. Of course it can be really different, together we are very strong, but then we have to end that egoism inside us and really working together and have to see we are all equally in this world and have all the same right of voting, so stop with that right of veto, that would give the world an enormous impulse to solve it all together. If we for example all the money invested in the JSF, had used with the same enthusiasm to try solving problems and had tried to come more to each other in the world instead of to force others to be like us in a short period, did the Romans not the same around the year 0? Are we really in nothing changed, is that in fact not intense pathetic?

(2015) Through the lack of time (working and studying) I make a start now with this webpage, but first have moved now all texts about United Nations remarks from the other subject "Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation". So this gives now not a continuous analyzation, but that is for later. It has all started with the text in 2.0 from the subject "Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation"!

Some remarks first:
  • (2015) Everybody know/feel if we continue our live as it is today, our world will be end in nothing, maybe successfully for a small group of people (but of course life is currently better than 100 years ago, and many people in this world are trying to improve things!). The balance is gone (we overdo as well mentally as technically, are we going to change slowly to robots ourselves in the next 2000 years?)! Can we change, yes we can, it is not too late! It is all (United Nations) education for young people (but the problem is that one generation have to initiate this), other people can't change easy anymore (e.g. a strong example, they double / triple the rents / prices for homes for the next generation, their children, just before they leave this world, they waste their money in a short period, a non-reversible situation, in 2050 there are 10 milliard (billion) of people, in a next crisis many will loose their house again etc. etc., the society have to be lucky that the new generation is so tame compared to the years 1970-80, especially the "politically right" thinking or republican people, problems will increase for sure in the future but the previous generation have already left .. I admit the most people are not personally responsible, the greedy / bad ones create this situation but unfortunately most people in the world are followers and weak for money .. it seems that people especially the new generation let lure themselves in a "spider" web without resistance, while the "spider" knows very well to busy with ..).

  • (2015) Later I will start a seperate page about the United Nations, what we "the people from this world" can do together, and open a postbox for idea's in case emails do not arrive! I don't want to play a role in that, more for young people (their future), just to start and intervene for an initiative possibly!

  • (2015) I am not a social media fan (misused to create chaos far from home by very naïve and dangerous unscrupulous people, chaos century after century until ??, I never mean ordinary people as me and you, problems can only be solved by the United Nations in a long term with the least violence possible (sanctions, blockades, isolation etc. but not misused!), the web and networks generally must also fall under the jurisdiction of the United Nations with high penalties when misused, the only way to protect dominant people against themselves, they infiltrate in your computers, mobiles, manipulate the web, emails, if it is the normal accepted way these days, what can you do against this brutality, but we had never protests against this brutality, others control us etc., and don't we have to create rules promptly in the United Nations how far we may go with robotization, do we make not again a mistake in history, and let we in the EU lure us in a war and how to prevent this, how to solve the CO2 problem, are we going also to soil our universe, informers are very important for the world, is technology sanctifying, some own ideas about economy and politics (see 3.0)?), but maybe it is time to bring this page to Facebook and perhaps other own social media in the world (I do not know yet but I go to find out). But Google as well as Facebook are regular visitors of the White House, so they are also not independent anymore, and which other social media are independent today .. So don't be afraid, these kind of initiatives (not to be selfish and greedy) mostly die silently! But you have to try before you die and I shall definitely try (in slow steps, without any funds, I refuse to leave this world as a sheep, no offense to sheeps)! The social media can also be used on world level!

2.0  Text (written in 2015 and unchanged) "Stop Veto Power United Nations" from subject "Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation", at the bottom of this page you find all the other languages for this text:

Last new thought (read in 3.0 in subject "Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation"), there is an invisible universe with time 0 or timeless only used in situations by particles and (or through) a "high speed or immediate" signal (the hidden "God's?" channel to communicate immediately with everybody and anything in the universe, at least if one discover how to use, can take ages), and a visible universe (Einstein still valid, particles visible here, the same particle even on more places at the same time, and don't make the mistake in formulas to calculate with the distance in the visible universe while the particle was in the invisible universe) .. this invisible universe with time 0 or timeless can't exist on its own, only interwoven with the visible universe .. what qualified physicist dare this thought and writes history if everything is truth (think of Mr. Higgs, follow your own thoughts)? .. if you have contacts in the science world, let them look to this idea .. why is Einstein famous, he was using a fact offered by Lorentz (NL) who did not know what to do with it (it was a "confusing" fact, no theory but a hard fact, how more resistance how slower the time, even time 0 or timeless, took a long time until acceptance) .. the Quantum Mechanics deliver also "confusing" facts (also no theory but hard facts, no resistance at all, time 0 or timeless, takes also time for acceptance), where is the physicist like Einstein who transforms that hard facts (typically how the brains can work, I really don't read much about these subjects because too few time because of my work, but I think much about these subjects outside my work, a part of physics where you can come far with logic, in fact my view on time is fully based on the Lorentz formula, in the night on my balcony on Jan. 2015 smoking a little cigar I got this idea above described suddenly if it was whispered in my ears, I was thinking if there would be a God existing how could he/she controlling the universe with its big distances, a magically moment for myself, but that says nothing of course even it sounds logically, by somewhat reading on the internet covers this idea, what others can have too already, the concept nonlocality in the Quantum Mechanics) .. now I find it myself also being exciting (but not enough time) to discover / read where in the theory "totally no resistance" have sneaked into (or a coincidence?) ..

I have no religious background, I am a humanist. With this possible discovery ever (there is possibly more) the downward spiral from our world can be ended, arrogance and the dominant thought "it goes only about me or my group, about our own self-enrichment, I use my cleverness only for me or my group, this is my only goal in life, after me or my group the deluge, I do everything to reach my goal, via secret means or mass psychology, I give nothing about others in the world but use them only for expanding of power and/or self-enrichment, I want children but have no real interest in their future, to rule over others with own ideas, power is an obsession for me, money is an obsession for me, I don't rest in my short live before I have just as many money as 10000 people together even it make me not happier and can I do nothing with it etc.", humans have proven to be able to create everything but somewhere there is no progress. Stimulate the thought to think about the welfare of other people as well as animals, treat both well, stop with primitive behavior and to be cruel (e.g. not throwing living lobsters in boiling oil in the year 2015). Via a strong improved and justified United Nations without veto rights (a world government) and related education (and controlled growth in populations), we can create together a nicer world (by which everybody have to follow the rules of the United Nations for humans and animals e.g. a limitation in personal assets, no exploitation on basic goods as houses, everybody a chance on self-development etc.). Together we are really in a strong position and be able to cope with anything!

This insertion have been translated by myself and checked by volunteer: Régine TEMAM / copy link "http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/member211853.htm".

3.0  Why must we really be working together in the United Nations, no veto rights anymore!

(2015) This was the original text (in which is being argued there must be a meaning for our world) in the subject " Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation" section 6.1 Have the time 0 "signal" a time 0 (or timeless) or an unlimited great speed, and do we live in a programmed world, we can never understand it completely, it is most logical there must be more (own thoughts)?

If it would be an unlimited great speed, that mean there would be existing a second layer of resistance in our universe. In the first layer we have the Higgs fields and the maximum speed of light.

Everything is possible of course, but it seems not logically to me. The Higgs fields arrange the speed of materials and light (existing out of particles). The Quantum Mechanical properties which are exchanged between particles in the form of information, is probably a yet new to discover phenomena in physics what have nothing to do with particles. Therefore these information shall probably sent with time 0 or timeless, so immediately as the maximum speed of materials and light can be stand firm because time 0 or timeless is no speed. So no contradiction. The ERP paradox from Einstein have no time involved, so it fits to this paradox.

So these information can be exchanged by an entangled connection, or being transferred by light, or elementary particles can be relocated with the aid of these information. So to disappear on 1 location and again to appear in another location, also the same elementary particle can appear on more locations at the same time through duplicated information.

So it is clearly, these information have used everywhere in our universe which is 1 big energy field, to let originating an elementary particle (photons, electrons etc.). There originate a wave in a field which 1:1 is connected with a particle. In this state it undergoes resistance from the Higgs fields (not in purely information form, see also my hypothesis 3 about what is energy, I think it don't exist really).

So through our universe flow an enormous amount of information which give the materials a shape. These information have duplicated but is ever arrived in our universe e.g. during the Big Bang and come possibly from another universe where again also time exist. These universes can't overlap each other , so it is still not necessary to get extra dimensions for this explanation (personally also not believing in).

So it seems of all have programmed, it is also the question of founding's of dinosaur and from humans in the past are authentically or to mislead us. Nothing can be ruled out (I am absolutely not religious, it are only open thoughts) unlike you like it very much to believe in coincidence (you are sure for 100%, also the tunnel when dying) and getting no headache further and just can continue with the daily bombarding throughout the centuries because you are not been called to account (you think) and you know for sure after all your colonializations throughout the centuries with all what you have done, being on the good track (because everybody of your own group confirms that day after day, I point me to a group of countries so not specifically one country, this is really the best way for a better world, century after century, preferable against enemies you know before they haven't weapons to harm you, preferable completely automatically (meanwhile you can drink thea at home far away and safely) and constantly "errors" here and there which nobody care because you are so busy in a good way (e.g. bombarding a hospital, or a wedding, or illegally killing poor inhabitants with a beard with drones, if it is just not happening in our neighborhoods ..), and because you find this so very important you spend into some war airplanes 1 milliard (billion) and some small warships 3 milliard (billion) each with public funds because they accept that in a democratic country without problems or slowly changing a little bit to a dictatorship in which the debts grow and grow (on Febr. 1, 2017: 22.421 billion or 124.000 per working person) .. is it not the time finally to stop with dominating, misuse of power and the daily illegal killingmachine and to do it all with more intellect via the United Nations together ..)!

We can in fact only establish relations or connections via physical laws in physics, but we shall never understand it deeper because it is also not to understand. On every level there are always again new questions to ask. We live in a kind of unreal world which we have been accepted as normal through daily routine!

For me is it therefore the most logical there must be more, precisely because it shall never be to understand, that must have a goal, that can't be a coincidence! The beginning of everything shall never been found! If you really believe in nothing, is searching to the apparently beginning 100% purely wasting of time in your short live, for who or what should you waste that time?!

(2015) You have to open your mind for other thoughts about our existence otherwise you stay hanging on the same level and don't you feel the urge for improvements in the world to make it nicer "together". Even the fear for death shall decrease because of that. If we really would corporate "together" in the United Nations, e.g. the conflicts in the Middle East would not be that worse (that concerning there have nothing changed in the last centuries) and the privacy in our networks was still guaranteed, also many little countries can be big, now everybody still act out of fear yet because the bigger powerfully countries can be unpredictable through sick dominance (they see the world as a competition with all consequences therefore and shoot then and now passengers airplanes out of the sky, e.g. in 1988 and 2014)! Therefore many don't believe in the United Nations (but we also do nothing for it), but the idea is beautifully and the only way to come to a good and justified world but then it have to be really a democratic and powerfully organization and not a pretended democratic and week organization for which still is valid yet "the bold possesses the world" because of the strong qualities "dominance" and "hidden agendas" in humans from nature (or do you have the naïve idea there have being acting from "goodness")! There is a great difference between "to improve our world" or "to dominate"!

(2015) Robotization: the first sex robot, everybody have fun about it. I think immediately to my childhood when everybody was laughing about climate change and overpopulation, that will be ok in time were the most thinking. I see this simple sex robot as a marketing trick to break through a trend and to introduce the human robot in our society silently (of course to make so much possible money with it thoughtlessly). There is no much phantasy necessary to see that a fight competition will start to improve that robot and being lesser simple in the next decades, for sure in other areas. Before you know many jobs will be replaced inspired by thoughtless people who see these as costs savings. I think we make again a mistake in history. Are we only here on Earth to find a way to replace ourselves, in fact insane? The prosperity is just there for 50 years, we become more and more harder for each other because of that prosperity .. many social services have been finished and the difference between poor and rich becomes greater (top incomes increase more, more, more .. just as CO2) .. why do we take the pleasure so down in our lives .. you would think it looks a disease .. I hope that the inhabitants of our planet go to see the advantages finally from a good functioning United Nations because the long future does not bring that good otherwise (e.g. there can be existing 2 groups of people, the little group with work and a greater group without work, in 2050 we have 10 milliard or billion of people, do you see the problems already, the chance on a basic income for everybody with this all shall increase for sure but the boredom too, but that basic income shall not be high, so many could be pushed in poverty again)! Mostly is our opinion after the facts! The problem is also that live is too short, one undergo mostly no trouble of the own decisions, only a next generation! It seems also as if the world suffer from a form of autism, somewhere we know all what is fatal for us, but still we do it, how very badly it will be for us (or next generation) in the future! Life is a learning process, but it seems constantly again if we learn nothing from the past. As soon somebody have been prosperous, that somebody is only busy with themselves and blind or careless for problems in the future (than don't take children please)! Robotization is always the nickname for more efficiency, all and literally all must be become more and more efficiently. Indeed, a world full with robots is the most efficient in which there are no people anymore, but is that our goal on Earth? Is it than no more efficient that the world is not there anymore? So we must not tip the scales .. Bots .. Do you know there are programs and developed better and better through the superpowers which participate in discussions on the internet and do if they are really existing reacting "persons", to try to act the opinion in a forum, think e.g. to the preventing of a revolution when the rulers don't like that or during elections, or to cause just somewhere else misery through egoism, in time there can be a multiple of 100.000 reacting "persons" participating on the internet, all bots and not existing. This will be the future .. in what for kind of strange world are we going to live in if we not take the responsibility together in the United Nations and don't stop that kind of developments .. (latest news in May 2016: Taiwanese manufacturer replaces 60.000 employees by robots)

(2015) Is technology sanctifying: it seems if technology is the only joy into the future. Some countries are only busy with it. A crowded world full with people and completely controlled by technology, a dream of capitalists and technicians who slavish carrying out their demands until one selves have been turned down on a sidetrack. What is now the benefit from self-driving cars, only to save on manpower like drivers, the next unemployed persons more. And the crazy thing of that developments is, they are coming compulsive, in fact not to stop anymore. A plaything of capitalists and slavish technicians for which many moneys will be earned. You can explain everything as useful as long as you enjoy the most benefits of it. Is it good for your body if you don't need to use your limbs anymore and not to use your brains? Is it social to take more and more people their jobs? Is driving by yourself not nicer? How shall this increase explosively in the next 100 years, more and more technology in a more and more higher tempo while the humanity has to go yet such a long time? In fairness I am glad personally that life is not perpetual with all these compulsive developments. The chance on a basic income for everybody with this all shall increase for sure but the boredom too. But that basic income shall not be high, so many could be pushed in poverty again. But in fairness I have to see if a self-driving car drives really through a busy city without making any victims, sometimes we suffer also to delusions we can create it all in a short period .. or would just that technicians fool that capitalists .. it would be surprising me enormous if this could succeeded really .. fortunately you hear again and again that such technique have been ready yet in about 10 years .. unfortunately this would be the beginning of more and more robotizing if one succeeded this masterpiece .. (latest news in June 2016, first victim through a Tesla robot control system) .. But besides it looks me very risky with self-driving cars to be dependent on 1 GPS signal, as soon as this falls away the whole world stands still and have nobody driving experience anymore. The hunger to more money / sales is big. Sometimes it looks that too much prosperity leads to more insanity. And in a war with a real feared enemy, one would as first to destroy the GPS satellites because of precision bombardments, GPS signal gone! (04/08/17) New Tesla electric cars are coming with automatic uploadable software, some are calling this revolutionary. In such a car, even for gold I wouldn't be driving with it with 100km/hour (a driving pc)!

(2015) Let we in the EU lure us in a war and how to prevent this: I have personally the idea that specified persons in the world are being busy for some time in the EU to cause a war with Russia (while they monitor from far and safe) but until now not succeeded happily. The dangerous incident with the shot down Russian jet-fighter was according my personal opinion 100% precooked to be drawn Russia, this can never been a decision from Turkey themselves. There have to be just something going wrong and the NATO have be so-called attacked. What have we to do in such case? Immediately to send home all the parliaments/presidents/prime ministers in the whole EU and to start new elections. Why? Because they have proved in that case not to be smart / trustable enough (or too narcissistic) to represent us. We people / population are the bosses in a "democracy(?)"!! Don't step in this stupid trap, it was not the first and not the last!! Some rulers are masters in mixing of cause and consequence that the most of us loose the way and being brave followers. The punishment following after is chaos in the world century after century, and always is the other the villain, one refuses to look into a mirror! Mostly is war elsewhere not really a problem, unless it is on the own location! It is e.g. just as with the bio industry, thousands of pigs and other animals are every day electrocuted on a conveyor belt, as long this horror scenario stays out of sight (especially for the children) is this mostly no problem! Just as the horrible cooking of living lobsters, if it just happens out of our sight, more primitive is not possible! Two liberating superpowers during WO-II: I think sometimes that the most people the contributions from both have forgotten. The first superpower has had the most victims to weakening the enemy (55 times more or 23.500.000) while the second superpower could finish the job. That the first superpower had occupied some area, would every superpower be done when the enemy lied near their borders, but finally that area have been given back. There is a country in the Middle East that have not given back the area after 50 years and it even cultivates (is not brought into the news intentionally, no discussions possible, we live in a strange world, if you keep silent about a crime is it in a long term no crime anymore; on 07/03/17 warns America Israel, except online there is nothing to find in the newspapers, not on CNN too, I think 90% in the world have missed this news, who owns all that media?) by which many problems are originated through e.g. a low level of trust! The relations between the EU and that first superpower were going better and better, also in that countries self, and suddenly it goes wrong after many years because the EU and partner want too much (quick) just as in the Middle East .. the most of us remember only the contribution of the second superpower .. the first superpower (with another culture / history) have been becoming suddenly the bogeyman .. that first superpower could suddenly invade EU countries .. who makes up this provoking and with which goal? .. if you watch to the news websites in a specific country it seems if that country is terrible scared from the world and that can only be more dangerous for the future .. also seen to the impressive budget for military activities for which each physical property is being using evilly .. the money have not been spent to the own people .. 1.3 trillion have been transferred to tax havens .. debts: 22.421 billion (01/02/17) or 124.000 per working person .. very media focused .. I blah-blah .. we blah-blah .. I understand nothing from this country and many with me .. how do one think about the future there .. more and more violence, more and more new enemies, waiting for the moment that one selves will be attacked ever in own territory .. or finally yet but preventive going to work together really via the United Nations and giving up the stupid solo activities .. and going to see finally that one is not less or more than another in the world ..

(2015) The CO2 problem: also very clear here to work really together in the United Nations. The idea from China to secure the new CO2 agreement legally is a 100% logical thought. It goes about the world, so about us all. That this again can be blocked by specific countries (always the same), demonstrate how important is a good functioning United Nations! The world is ours! It is also very disappointing, that the big Sahara solar energy project have failed (not technically), this would be to realize very simple by the world (free clean and unlimited energy by the sun for the whole world), if one really would (than would electric vehicles / machines be really clean, manufacturing processes have to be really more cleaner of course, there are already studies which prove that electric cars don't give progress but deliver more particulates, yes, it is not easy to ignore overpopulation)! How can you explain something like that to your children (we are able to do it but we don't, we prefer not to change our way of life, that have to be done by the next generation)!

(2015) Space travel: it is too crazy for words that a specific country had decided without the United Nations to let exploit the universe through companies (a.o. mining). Is the world be leading by a dictator, have others on this planet no supervision about our universe in 2016, again a reason how important the United Nations is and that the United Nations totally is not functioning now .. why are politicians so scared .. first to destroy our Earth after 50 year prosperity, now our universe .. it seems if it all have to be going fast, if it is technically possible than it must .. what is going on in some people .. unhappy, greedy, never satisfied, careless, violent, obsessed, unaffected, always to leave a track of destruction, always wanted to be stunning? .. if you as country other countries agitate against each other, afterwards again make peace with them as reason to hit other countries and to get other benefits etc. etc., are you not really busy for a better world but a great egoist .. Is it not better first to solve the problems originating in just 50 years instead of greedy to plunder space for exorbitant interests .. is it not very naïve to think that to plunder is going right this time without leaving a track of destruction which is giving trouble again for the remaining humanity .. Besides with what physics is going to discover yet in the future is it not unthinkable for me, that the chemical elements ever can be transformed to other elements, that there are enough raw materials. E.g. transforming iron to copper etc.

(2015) Central data storage: I think many people don't know that the new Windows Office 2016 default all private documents store in central data center somewhere in the world, e.g. the EU have given permission for this storage. Also Norton store default the backup from all your private data in data center somewhere in the world. And in this way more and more private cases are stored without the permission of at least one inhabitant of a country. Later it would not be either a choice anymore. The fact it is be more and more difficult to switch it off, proves one have built in a mechanism probably to read documents sneaky when one want. If the switch has been set on from far to follow all your documents (therefore difficult to test) even you haven't given your permission, you shall see while busy with your documents if you switch off the internet that Windows Office 2016 is not functioning anymore (crashes)! Hopefully is there again an informer later! It proves in fact that politicians are untrustworthy (or very naïve) and that there are rules necessary in the United Nations. Otherwise 10 milliard people will be controlled later by a small group of rulers .. in that case we may be called justified all idiots .. Besides these kind of actions would be controlled fully under the United Nations and not one or the other very untrustworthy country! A company have to be maintain / save their documents on computers not connected through the internet (and to check that extra, in fact there would be two fully separated computers in 1, 1 connected with the internet and 1 not connected)! Also mobile phones are these days set up forced to create an account at Google or Microsoft so all data can be picked up by their systems. Even you did not make that choices, all choices are fake, it is still happening. (14/08/17) And now also the new Android etc. systems in your car, that drive data can now also be collected (live)! In this way all new technology give in every century other new problems again, because people with too much power become always untrustworthy! They refuse to look into a mirror and cause all problems in the world by their selves! Cloud servers: did you know many providers switch to so called rented Cloud servers while you don't know, on which all your data have stored like websites, general ledger etc. These servers are ready-to-use installed and supplied in big containers and that containers are placed in Microsoft datacenters everywhere in the world. In this way all data is going to be controlled by 1 country, this we have to prevent too in the United Nations!

(2015) Internet: the web and networks generally must also fall under the jurisdiction of the United Nations with high penalties when misused, the only way to protect dominant people against themselves, they infiltrate in your computers, mobiles, manipulate the web, emails, if it is the normal accepted way these days, what can you do against this brutality, but we had never protests against this brutality, others control us etc.

(2015) Informers: are very important for the world and must be protected through the United Nations. Informers warn that every organization before knows that it can't establish clandestine and sneaky things with the aid of keep secret statements, finally shall somebody make this legally public as an informer and so can't be an offence. Clandestine and sneaky things would be become in that case to the past!

(2015) Overpopulation: many problems on Earth are in fact caused too because we live with too many people on this planet. The overcrowding increases everywhere, also the roads become silted up. If there are somewhere too many animals available, mostly a hunt has been organized. But the problem of overpopulation is never mentioned by politics and the United Nations. Also this problem must be taken on by the United Nations.

(2015) Economy (some own ideas): the economy is above all important to care that locally everybody have a reasonable income. This must be above all directed to locally and not globally. One would not to be earn at the whole world with the only goal to be superrich for which everything is going out of balance. I find it also very asocial to get high educated people from other countries, wherefore developments in that countries are staying behind. One must above all to produce locally for the own people in a country, and to exchange technology to other countries (so to each other) to reach the same goal. That products can be more expensive and the development somewhat slower, seems to me totally no problem near the advantages. This requires a change in mentality in which the United Nations can be a role again. It goes especially about that everybody is satisfied and feels happy (in a healthy way of course, if somebody can only be happy through greediness, that can only be unlearned with education), you can't get more out of life as I think!

(2015) Politics (some own ideas): there is always much commotion under the people in a country, also in the wealthier countries. This have been caused especially by the decisions of a government for which the intensions are not always purely, and being forced to the people of a country without their real approval. How could this be prevented into the future? I think by introducing so-called policy-related-councils spread out over many parts in a country in which many representatives from all social groups who have really contact with the people. For new policy, these so-called policy-related-councils must be consulted too. So-called referenda are in that case not necessary anymore because not everybody have the knowledge in each specific area to come to a purely conclusion. The United Nations would also to promote this.

(2015) Once again the United Nations: I have it always found weird that a specific country feel itself specially and distinguished above others, while that country have been originated by massive genocide on the native people and cattle. Ok this was all happened a long time ago but it is a fact. Can never been a successful story anymore to tell to your children. Also that country has started various illegal wars, for which I ask always myself, can you call it war or is it just pure murder. E.g. think at the Iraq war where at least 100.000 are killed easily with a low difficulty, is this war or murder? And the killing of people with drones everywhere, guilty or not, is it war or murder (and the freedom of murdering increases more and more)? The shutdown of leaders who were first partners, for which all have been disappeared in a cover-up. The creating of at least 100 years of instability in the Middle East (by the way did you know the Middle East was already civilized while one lived in Europe still in the mud, even the mathematics was invented there!). One thing is for sure everybody stays powerless, because everybody is in fact scared of this country and therefore contributes in violence and passes the VN (so are people). In own country through a safe geographic position one notices 0% what one takes out all in the foreign countries, so it stays a far from my bed war. Champion in mega crimes, and living in an illusion in which you only see "crimes" of others. Just that country must make an effort to a real democratic world in which everybody feels better as a making good for which one have done in the past. Therefore, just that country would make an effort to stop the right of veto and taking the initiative to a military force on United Nations level. The past has proven that all what one started on own initiative have led to almost a bankruptcy. Take the responsibility together in the world via the United Nations and there would be lesser wars necessary and stop to distrust all and everybody.
The past has learned that countries with too many power (or aim that power, a kind of virus) at a given moment could develop strange ideas for which others could be controlled literally. The United Nations without the right of veto could kill this always in the bud, because it should be 1 against the others in the world in the future what would have not a single chance. Nobody would be suspicious to the other because the whole world would make the decisions and looking at. Important should be some good regulations for which any country could keep his own culture and values (long live diversity) as long as no rules would be violated. Up to the next step for a better world (in the interest of any country and anybody)!

(2015) Only the text "Stop Veto Power United Nations" from subject "Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation" in the middle of this page have been translated in the next languages by volunteers or paid, click on a country flag which represents a language (so not all countries are visible):

(2015) The idea of this project is to spread a thought in physics but also to spread thoughts about the United Nations, both coupled, both alone are not strong enough, it is just a way to bring a thought to people, there is more, to give more power/reasons to improve our world as a group and not to think only at yourself, finally this will end in nothing.

(2015) (I have experienced with my activities via internet that there are existing many fake websites for services which you can't trust, but keep an eye on the activities of others or in the world in this way. When you want to start an United Nations initiative, you need sponsoring for sworn local translations, via the internet you have 60% chances your text will be translated wrong on purpose. Also one intrudes into your pc or mobile telephone when one wishes, no virus scanner or other software can prevent this through mentioned build leaks in that kind of software for which one even have to pay.)

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