Why are the United Nations so important, why must we really be working together, no veto power anymore! Stop Veto Power United Nations!

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1.0  Relation subject with "Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation"
2.0  Introduction
3.0  Current (related to news)
4.0  Why must we really be working together in the United Nations, no veto power anymore! How are we going to deal with that?
5.0  Text (written in 2015 and unchanged) "Stop Veto Power United Nations" from subject "Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation"

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1.0  Relation subject with "Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation"

(2018) In 2015 on a winter evening on my balcony I got the physical idea about time 0 (see other webpage, based on the entanglement of particles) that means a situation in which no time exist and so is timeless. With arguing (nothing proved yet) I have coming the last years to conclusions that the universe can be already timeless, that time only exist there where materials exist, that everything could be originated by the Bing Bang from the fourth dimension (February 2019: what is now in fact that fourth dimension as I see it?), and that emergent energy (energy on materials level) as well mass as time is, that energy not really physically exist, that we live in a kind of unreal world in which the real don't exist but all is related to each other via connections / relations, when you take all connections / relations away the universe would disappear with a flash (October 2018: the Theory of Relativity has in fact already proven that we live in an unreal world .. but March 2019: I think materials are shrinking!). This gives me the idea that everything must have a meaning, I am not religious and have as the most under us no idea from the why. But I have the idea that we have to do everything by ourselves and make something beautiful from our world by ourselves, we must especially to cooperate and to deal with all problems together, I believe strongly in the United Nations as the only solution to make this happen, but that must be a United Nations without the veto power, as long others can dominate us, nothing will be solved really! So is my first text originated in 5.0 (translated in many languages). Stop veto power United Nations!

2.0  Introduction

(2018) This is only my personal opinion! The most people in the world are benevolent but I write here only about the supervisors of a country. The United Nations do many good things but it has no effect on the bigger cases in the world. I see the USA always as a cross member for progress. The USA is always busy with illegal wars mainly in weeker countries (without the United Nations, and to test new weapons) which have only to do with power and money (and nothing with humanity) and generates the one conflict after the other and also always again result in other negative developments. And always in a faster tempo. This have also to do with the fact that one have never damage in own territorial, it is in fact an easy way of war. They are always waiting for a reason able to start somewhere a war, to control that country afterwards, but as I think succeed less and less and have one only a higher debt afterwards from making war again (so not really smart too). They have an obsession concerning Russia and China, 2 countries on which they can’t have grip. All the technics they have used to influence other countries are being used now in the other way around and it looks that the opponent is better, what is a disappointment of course. I have my own idea that the USA is trying the last years to lure the EU in a war with Russia where they want to fight a war with Russia on EU ground (if that would happen then I hope that Russia first hit the USA very hard with his weapons before the half of the EU changes in a mess with many victims). Also tries one in the Middle-east to lure Russia in a war e.g. via Iran. The USA goes always further and further in gambling and supposes that the other never uses its nuclear weapons (that would be the end for both). The rest of the World must it see as its duty to stop these developments, and that is only possible via the United Nations with stopping the veto power. Also is the USA a cross member in solving the Palestinian conflict, also because of that reason must the veto power being ended and must a tribunal to end this conflict for ever after 70 years. There can be given enough guarantees seen military in signed documents for a two states solution. Many countries are being forced economically (so being a hostage) to take over the point of view of the USA, that must be also prevented in a renewed United Nations. There must be an end to the dictatorship of the USA in the modern new world! Be a buffalo and know your combined force. Stop veto power United Nations!

3.0  Currently (related to news)

  • (May 2018) Are we being misled again by the USA and is the umpteenth war coming, when stops this insanity (based on a deeply despicable egoism)?
  • (July 2018) Everybody in the West have been taking advantage of China by cheap manufacturing products there, and to resell them more expensive in own country. One can't expect that China e.g. for 1000 Euro exports products taking 100 man-hours, and must import for 1000 Euro 1 product taking 10 man-hours. That I call slave-trading. Therefore I find that products must be manufactured locally and one have to help each other with new techniques, so stays everything better in balance! Have one still to import some products, then products have to be exchanged (the United Nations have to determine the exchange value of products) and as means of payment locally being resold, so stays everything also better in balance (I think) and is more fair! Possibly one would introducing specially for import and export 1 new world currency, so that this have no influence anymore on the local currency, import and export must be payed with this world currency, nobody can be deceived anymore, products are to be converted in local currency. Balances of trade between countries don't exist anymore!
  • (November 2018) Recently there were 400 very strong buffalo drowned because a few lions were attacking them, while they could be very strong together, not all animals can organize themselves. Even if there would be 7.5 billion of buffalo, they run away for a few lions. It amazes me always enormous that we 7.5 billion of people are not able to organize us so that the veto power in the UN can be ended, and we together go to solve the problems in the world and others can force to take the right direction, also we are afraid for a handful of opponents and choose to let it go wrong for our children in the future (not only the environment but also moralistic)! Stop thinking about yourself, and refuse to leave the world as 7.5 billion (cowardly) buffalo, let organize us better (and without violence)! At a given moment life can turn against you (enough examples to give), even you think the same as the neighbors or locals, only through cooperation or thinking ahead on world level, can you prevent this!
  • (December 2018) Do we want near overcrowded roads which probably grind to an extremely long halt daily, also to stop up our sky with flying cars and drones, has the world to be ended really as a mental institution, have we not heavily to slow down the ambitions of some of us purely profit directed and e.g. to start with producing everywhere locally (at country level) so that transport can be heavily limited (and to exchange technics with other countries), and again going to enjoy the little things in live (near technology) because all the others are an illusion or greediness?
  • (February 2019) This is an extremely educational short film about as we are, copy link "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cil92V0HSvQ". Hundreds of strong buffalo are afraid of 1 lion, finally the lion go away when the buffalo behave there selves lesser cowardly. See this lion as the USA (the politicians) which knows our behavior very well and is be very sure that many leaders in the world are afraid of the USA (because of financial interests) and go with them in any subject and even slowly can lice them in a war and can dictate them any immoral behavior. Don’t let we being 7.5 billion (frighten) buffalo for a handful opponents and Stop Veto Power United Nations! Start a better world in which the intellect triumphs (in which for cowardness, apathy and only self-interest is no place anymore)! 7.49 billion inhabitants want such a world, then be finally not so frighten anymore!
  • (April / May 2019) I think it was again successfully for the USA to set countries against Russia, one day it goes wrong and then we know again because we are unfortunately not the smartest of the universe (but positive is on that, losers are no devils too). That would be always on the agenda of the USA (obsessions), Russia have to be weakened and China too, any detail must be enlarged often without any proof (that Intel has building leaks consciously for espionage have been easily cover-up for the public by PR, they are that and including leaders already forgotten), the PR is doing its work, so one can have better their own way. Also it is turn to Iran now (figured out by the USA and Israel, also strong in PR as with the last conflict with the Palestinians, I believe that it was for 100% their big mistake the newspapers following, they started suddenly with firing rockets, besides at the brave Palestinians on the Westbank more and more ground is occupied for new settlements as thanks for 0% resistance) because there is in just a few months no new war triggered (in 1980-1988 already 1.000.000 victims when the USA was cooperative with their friend Saddam Hussein), possibly try one to misuse their only (a trade partner becomes automatically an ally, there is never be friendship, it goes only about money) friend (for a little while) Saudi Arabia in one of the other way, they buy weapons and afterwards more and more during the conflict, a devilish plan. Maybe this goes not fast as wished, but one is every day busy with working out the one of the other idea (of course with lies) to minimal justify an attack for the public with the right PR. Also in that goes the world with them and as usually always without the UN. One forget 1 thing, if one drives someone up the wall, there can be a thought arises, ok than we go all and there can be used nuclear weapons really (also from an unexpected source). But ok, would we ever to float into a black hole, than afterwards it is just we were never existing, the beautiful history of murder and mayhem has be gone in 1 moment (for powerful people this must be a terrible punishment, I think). Unfortunately there is less nice to say about our planet Earth (maybe a failed world)! Be now for once no coward anymore, and sideline the USA in the UN and go finally to organize it differently in the world! I think that the West in their period of power have been failed to strengthen its own position in the future via the UN (no power of veto anymore) if their power is going to determine by others in the future, a pity for that short-sightedness's (but maybe not too late)!
  • (August 2019) A pity that many people themselves don’t know responsibility (young or old), one sees only their own government and president / premier always as their daddy and mummy, if they don't forbid or direct something, it seems not to be a problem into the future. So scientists say the world must be partly more forested as a big part of the solution for the CO2 problem, a cheap and easy solution, but it shall not be happening. The UN says there must be lesser eating meat as big part of the solution for the CO2 problem, but it shall not be happening. Governments and presidents / premiers do nothing because unpopular rules make themselves also unpopular, especially "right" leaders are very limited in their visions and see only grow and turnovers until everything crashes literally. In turn governments and presidents / premiers see the USA as their daddy and mummy, but there seems hopefully a break in trend that there is more to make something from live, then only obsessions for money and power attended with immoral behaviors!

4.0  Why must we really be working together in the United Nations, no veto power anymore! How are we going to deal with that?

  • (2018) There must be many problems solved in the world and that is only possible with cooperation. Because many problems are not solved through the veto power, the distrust is being fed against the United Nations, by which it seems it is a Western institution only used in the benefit of the West. Besides the West ignores the United Nations when it don't want to handle the rules of the game to get their own way (self-interest) and often involved with fraud or misleading of facts, this all can be done unpunished (despite of 100.000 of murders) while other countries may be punished. Therefore must the veto power being stopped so that each country can be confronted with its responsibility and can be punished by the community via sanctions, isolation etc. independent of the economically status of a country. By solving all problems in a justified way by the community (e.g. by tribunals), one shall see that the trust in each other grows and the number of conflicts decreases strongly. The rules of game must be worked out in such a way that cultures of countries are being protected as long no rules are being violated. Every conflict can be solved through heavy sanctions, isolation etc., military intervention by the United Nations must be the last method. Imposition of sanctions is only possible by the United Nations, not by countries to provoke others. The past has learned that countries with too many power (or aim that power, a kind of virus) at a given moment could develop strange ideas for which others could be controlled literally. The United Nations without the veto power could kill this always in the bud, because it should be 1 against the others in the world in the future what would have not a single chance. Nobody would be suspicious to the other because the whole world would make the decisions and looking at. It is time in 2018 that we are not only good in technology but also being morally grown-up. Up to the next step for a better world (in the interest of any country and anybody)! Below I discuss several problems and give a personal solution as I see it.
  • (May 2018) The Palestinian conflict, this becomes a somewhat longer discussion. One says it is very complicated, but I don't see that in that way, that is more a smart delaying tactic (now already 70 years). But I see that is coming so far that currently unweaponed Palestinian young men may be killed (shot dead, last weeks totally 40 now .. the next day totally 100) because they throw with little stones at the border, in which country would this being accepted by the United Nations, this is totally no problem in this case, for this nobody calls the United Nations security Council in this cowardly world (in which everybody follows only the money) thanks to the endless veto of the USA (there was last some protests from the world but mostly this fade away slowly completely, the political fear for the dictator USA is huge). The Palestinians are becoming the American Indians from the past, just shooting them, nobody cares anymore. Not long ago 160 Russian diplomats were sending home because of a not yet proved incident (there was a reason found to raise the tensions substantially, a hobby from the USA). The United Nations are being becoming a joke under the dictatorship of the USA. How is the Palestinian problem to summarize short as far as I know. Our comic British tea drinkers had a hobby to invade countries everywhere in the world and to take over (still a hobby yet from some), also in the Middle-East. They have then ground from others assigned to what now is Israel, the Palestinians are the original Arabic inhabitants. But that is the past and is really not to reverse anymore, just as the USA originated by the genocide on the native inhabitants and bison, and e.g. The Netherlands have mass graves in their formerly colonies and more countries from the EU in their colonial times. There is however a difference, the EU have itself corrected, the USA have not changed much, one even don’t trust each other and everybody is carrying a weapon or have one at home just to be sure, and is used often, what a society. The situation currently in the formerly Palestine has being originated after the foundation of the United Nations and there are still rules violated. The solution is how I think not to raise tensions, a hobby from the USA, but a United Nations tribunal which come for once and ever with a solution, the two states solution, which have to be accepted by both (don't give the USA leadership anymore, they are just a member of the United Nations, nothing more). If hostilities even in that case would continue, then for me heavy actions may be taken in the form of very heavy sanctions, otherwise it never ended. But I am convinced that afterwards it would be peace and would be an inspiration for the whole Middle-East. A few with some specific statements must not be taken seriously. Again can be applied here, stop veto power United Nations, the USA is currently hardly busy, brainless, to raise the tensions strongly!
  • (2018) Weapons. I think the world can be made free of weapons just to forbid to manufacture weapons or to trade. As with all rules it has consequences when a country violates this rule, this can be checked by satellites and drones. When a renewed United Nations would be a fact such country would be easy to isolate and being forced to stop with it. There must be only an United Nations army to which all countries of the world deliver career military personnel. And of course materials must be manufactured for this army and police, in factories with a special license. When there are lesser conflicts through intensive cooperation this all can strongly being reduced, it shall only be necessary to end small conflicts. Enormous budgets are freed to deal with more important problems and to support the people.
  • (2018) Internet and data storage. Everybody knows already that the internet is used by everybody for manipulation. It’s the nature of human beings that if there can be manipulated, then it happens too. An important step would be as I think, that all public affairs on world level always fall under jurisdiction of the United Nations, so internet too and that data storage on country level falls under the government of that country while inhabitants of course have to pay for that services. There must be huge penalties imposed by the United Nations by misuse. In this way I think that the misuse will being decreased. When there is more trust, there is lesser interest to misuse.
  • (2018) Environment and overpopulation. Only through cooperation can the pollution of the environment worldwide being reduced and clean energy being generated. Without the veto power can each country being forced to cooperate. Slowly it will be full with people in the world and it would be wise maybe to deal with that problem in one of the other way.
  • (2018) Animal suffering. As well humans as animals must be treated well in this life. I think myself as being a vegetarian, there are more and more alternatives found for flesh and fish. But there must be a worldwide ban on the mistreatment of animals. E.g. throwing a living lobster in boiling oil, is also a serious way of mistreatment of animals. If there must be slaughter of animals, this must be done friendly and very very quickly.
  • (2018) Housing . Housing as a house or apartment etc. is a basic good. I find that nobody may be exploited with housing. Currently are in Western countries the rents huge by which people have to pay a too big part of their income to rent, also young people can't buy new houses or apartments anymore.
  • (2018) Education. Everybody must have a chance on self-development.
  • (2018) Income. I think that there are many people in the world having an obsession for money, by which exists exorbitant luxe and so environment problems. It seems me right to limit the income somebody can amass, that means not ridiculed high for the belonging job. In this way can pollution of the environment being restrained because of too ambitious people and ends the world possibly not in a mental institution. Is the profit from a company too high, then must that money being spread in one of the other way or spend as long nobody goes over its limit.
  • (2018) Space travel. Mineral resources in space may be only exploit eventually under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. So the countries together determine how this eventually exploitation happens.
  • (2018) Robotization. The United Nations must determine how far the robotization may go and must issue huge fines to countries who are going too far. Robotization can be convenient for too heavy work for people. I think it may never be used to completely replacing a human being but I think that much is being exaggerated, to replacing the human brains by a machine can possibly never be done and so never to replace a human being. Because of a robot is not a human being, can this robot develop strange characteristics by which this robot will be untrustworthy to do specific work. E.g. a smart chess robot is no human being, it is just good in playing chess. Or think to a tame lion, you attack suddenly after years, because it is no human being. A self-driving car is maybe never possible, then a driver could be replaced, possible is to make parts more clever, it is then just supporting technique!
  • (2018) Informers. Informers have to be protected by the United Nations, so that no country can develop sneaky or secretly activities and so unseen can violate rules.
  • (2018) Economy. The economy is above all important to care that locally everybody have a reasonable income. This must be above all directed to locally and not globally. One would not to be earn at the whole world with the only goal to be superrich for which everything is going out of balance. I find it also very asocial to get high educated people from other countries, or to select from refugees, wherefore developments in that countries are staying behind. One must above all to produce locally for the own people in a country, and to exchange technology to other countries (so to each other) to reach the same goal. That products can be more expensive and the development somewhat slower, seems to me totally no problem near the advantages. This requires a change in mentality in which the United Nations can be a role again. It goes especially about that everybody is satisfied and feels happy (in a healthy way of course, if somebody can only be happy through greediness, that can only be unlearned with education), you can't get more out of life as I think!
  • (2018) Politics. There is always much commotion under the people in a country, also in the wealthier countries. This have been caused especially by the decisions of a government for which the intensions are not always purely, and being forced to the people of a country without their real approval. How could this be prevented into the future? I think by introducing so-called policy-related-councils spread out over many parts in a country in which many representatives from all social groups who have really contact with the people. For new policy, these so-called policy-related-councils must be consulted too. So-called referenda are in that case not necessary anymore because not everybody have the knowledge in each specific area to come to a purely conclusion. The United Nations would also to promote this.
  • (2018) Political fear for the USA. The USA could having built a big army during WOII in own territorial where they almost never have been attacked. The USA and allies (400.000 American victims) have together with the Russians (23.500.000 victims) Europe liberated. Churchill did after the liberation the proposal to defeat the Russians after all their victims, they were weakened very much of course (deeper can you not go moralistically) but that haven't happened. Afterwards the USA has fight in many wars, Vietnam was the most dirty war. And of course we are them grateful, for the liberation of Europe (the Russians too). Already for a long time I am personally not satisfied anymore with the USA that means with the leaders, the normal people are always benevolent. There is an United Nations established for giving progress, but through the veto power and the self-willed behavior of the USA there is no single progress anymore, sooner deterioration. The Palestinian conflict have proved very clear that the USA uses different standards, it has no single interest to cooperate to the solution of the conflict. The culture in the USA is that one admires and having respect for rich people, the Palestinians are far from rich so one have no respect for them. The rules in the United Nations apply for all countries but not for the USA, because of that the illegal war at that time in Iraq and the unpunished murdering of many 100.000 of people there in an very easy way. The future shall tell us which misery we get yet with this uncontrollable power. The USA is now simply yet the biggest economy in the world and other countries are economically dependable in this web. The United Nations must have the intension to help on the world through intensive cooperation, but near the veto power threatens the USA everybody with sanctions who not share their thoughts, that causes a paralyzing fear for the USA and don’t dare one to express their own thoughts, by which the progress is being lying totally still and no problem is being solved anymore. The dictator USA have been changed in the biggest threat for the world peace. Therefore all countries must cooperate to stop the veto power and for that showing courage, eventually if there is no other solution to establish a renewed United Nations, and eventually to ignore the USA until they join again in the community and following another path, it is then just becoming a cooperative member just as the rest of the planet Earth!

5.0  Text (written in 2015 and unchanged) "Stop Veto Power United Nations" from subject "Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation", at the bottom of this page you find all the other languages for this text:

Last new thought (read in 3.0 in subject "Einstein's Theory of Relativity simple explanation"), there is an invisible universe with time 0 or timeless only used in situations by particles and (or through) a "high speed or immediate" signal (the hidden "God's?" channel to communicate immediately with everybody and anything in the universe, at least if one discover how to use, can take ages), and a visible universe (Einstein still valid, particles visible here, the same particle even on more places at the same time, and don't make the mistake in formulas to calculate with the distance in the visible universe while the particle was in the invisible universe) .. this invisible universe with time 0 or timeless can't exist on its own, only interwoven with the visible universe .. what qualified physicist dare this thought and writes history if everything is truth (think of Mr. Higgs, follow your own thoughts)? .. if you have contacts in the science world, let them look to this idea .. why is Einstein famous, he was using a fact offered by Lorentz (NL) who did not know what to do with it (it was a "confusing" fact, no theory but a hard fact, how more resistance how slower the time, even time 0 or timeless, took a long time until acceptance) .. the Quantum Mechanics deliver also "confusing" facts (also no theory but hard facts, no resistance at all, time 0 or timeless, takes also time for acceptance), where is the physicist like Einstein who transforms that hard facts (typically how the brains can work, I really don't read much about these subjects because too few time because of my work, but I think much about these subjects outside my work, a part of physics where you can come far with logic, in fact my view on time is fully based on the Lorentz formula, in the night on my balcony on Jan. 2015 smoking a little cigar I got this idea above described suddenly if it was whispered in my ears, I was thinking if there would be a God existing how could he/she controlling the universe with its big distances, a magically moment for myself, but that says nothing of course even it sounds logically, by somewhat reading on the internet covers this idea, what others can have too already, the concept nonlocality in the Quantum Mechanics) .. now I find it myself also being exciting (but not enough time) to discover / read where in the theory "totally no resistance" have sneaked into (or a coincidence?) ..

I have no religious background, I am a humanist. With this possible discovery ever (there is possibly more) the downward spiral from our world can be ended, arrogance and the dominant thought "it goes only about me or my group, about our own self-enrichment, I use my cleverness only for me or my group, this is my only goal in life, after me or my group the deluge, I do everything to reach my goal, via secret means or mass psychology, I give nothing about others in the world but use them only for expanding of power and/or self-enrichment, I want children but have no real interest in their future, to rule over others with own ideas, power is an obsession for me, money is an obsession for me, I don't rest in my short live before I have just as many money as 10000 people together even it make me not happier and can I do nothing with it etc.", humans have proven to be able to create everything but somewhere there is no progress. Stimulate the thought to think about the welfare of other people as well as animals, treat both well, stop with primitive behavior and to be cruel (e.g. not throwing living lobsters in boiling oil in the year 2015). Via a strong improved and justified United Nations without veto rights (a world government) and related education (and controlled growth in populations), we can create together a nicer world (by which everybody have to follow the rules of the United Nations for humans and animals e.g. a limitation in personal assets, no exploitation on basic goods as houses, everybody a chance on self-development etc.). Together we are really in a strong position and be able to cope with anything!

This insertion have been translated by myself and checked by volunteer: Régine TEMAM / copy link "http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/member211853.htm".

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(2015) The idea of this project is to spread a thought in physics but also to spread thoughts about the United Nations, both coupled, both alone are not strong enough, it is just a way to bring a thought to people, there is more, to give more power/reasons to improve our world as a group and not to think only at yourself, finally this will end in nothing.

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