Stop the power of veto in the United Nations

Written : September 9, 2022

Commentary (chapter 4) : (1 year later) updated December 2023 / June 2024

**We know that 1000 strong buffaloes in nature are afraid of 1 lion because those buffaloes are not able to organize themselves, every buffalo runs away. That's basically how it is with people today. 8 billion people like to walk away from this subject, they are convinced that this makes no sense, it can also be selfishness or great indifference, moreover, people are easy to manipulate with the right psychology. But in the end, the effect is the same as with those buffaloes, not being able to organize themselves. The small groups of leaders in the world who can do this, therefore, have the power!**

**The USA continues to gamble and assumes that nuclear weapons will not be used a second time (that would mean the end of both parties). The rest of the world must see it as its task to stop these developments, and that can only be done through the United Nations by stopping the power of veto.**

**Would the whole world rather be blackmailed by the USA or rather be led by the United Nations without the power of veto? Request a special session and vote on it! Everyone in the world allows themselves to be sanctioned by the USA instead of by the United Nations. Do you really think that if you as 1 block ignore all those sanctions, the USA stops all trade (?), there is no country in the world that is so obsessed with money.**

**After 6 million years of existence on this planet, man has come no further than to arm himself fiercely and threaten each other instead of investing that money in each other.**

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The great unity of the hugely stupid EU / NATO politicians


Commentary, 1 year later (updated December 2023)

Addition (updated June 2024)


When I write about the diabolical USA here, I mean those in power and not the ordinary people, who are usually willing but also very manipulable.

The content of both related websites "Simple explanation Einstein's theory of relativity" (printed out about 100 pages of text) and "Stop the power of veto in the United Nations" has been on the internet for about 10 years (2012 – March 2022), with our mysterious existence linked to the United Nations in a personal attempt to significantly improve life on our Earth through intense cooperation. I strongly believe in that. Out of frustration because the diabolical USA has managed to drive a war between Russia and the Ukraine in which the hatred of Russia has become so great that we have been thrown back in time 50 years (more explanation later in this website), the diabolical USA very fortunately, I have removed the entire content with the feeling that the Earth is a planet where great backwardness reigns and it may take another 1000 years (or never) does that cooperation ever want to be improved. I had already cleaned both domains, deleted all backups, the original texts and documentation have been definitively lost, all textbooks have been given away, but I still want to add some text once afterwards as a conclusion to this personal endeavor. I will not be busy with the topics after this and am very happy that life is short-lived on this stupid planet (fortunately, I am already a senior, do not leave children behind so I am not directly responsible for their future, but I am worried about the next generations who will have to deal with the same misery century after century due to the lack of growing insight). At the moment (will pass) I only see idiots around me, a kind of half savages that mentally linger on the same level century after century, technically one does grow.

My website "Stop the power of veto in the United Nations" is very anti USA thinking (more explanation later in this website). Remarkably, both websites have always been at the top of Bing in both Dutch and English with simple keywords. In Google only in Dutch but in English almost impossible to find, so I have never been able to distribute my texts well worldwide. I've seen that with other critical texts as well, Google is a public machine for the local language / country. In English, it is mainly a public machine for the USA, which is why the inhabitants of the USA themselves do not get to read these critical texts. Just like in other superpowers. Therefore, everything that is public like on the internet should fall under the United Nations, then you really have the greatest possible freedom to achieve. But yes, from the other side you can also cause conflicts through incitement, as we have seen, for example, in the Middle East and Ukraine. But in a United Nations without veto rights and with world army, this chance has of course become very low.

The great unity of the hugely stupid EU / NATO politicians

At the beginning of chapter 4 there is a link to the old content of this website, found later in 2023 in a web archive.

All the original text has been lost, so I will have to bring up texts that are still in my memory or come up with new texts. But I'll keep it short this time, I no longer have the illusion that something changes or can really get through to someone, but I do try.

In 2019 I already predicted on this website that things would go wrong between Russia and Ukraine, the incitement by the diabolical USA, let the EU get dragged into a confrontation with Russia, the strange thing about this is that I am an amateur in this kind of business. Are experts blind?

Everyone knows that NATO is a sensitive issue for the security of Russia. Which country in the world likes to be identified as the enemy in peacetime and slowly be surrounded? And then even a country like Russia that has done the largest part (with 27 million victims) to liberate the West from Mr. H. in World War II, the Americans only came at the last minute to take the credit, Russia has never even had a thank you. That same country is slowly being surrounded by the same West, and even the neighboring Ukraine with the same kind of people (but with a questionable role in the Second World War, they themselves would like to be supported) would also like to cooperate with NATO, so NATO is getting closer and literally on the border, Russia labeled as an enemy by everyone (including the neighbor) but is allowed to provide energy. Should Russia feel this as a betrayal by the neighbor? It was probably hoped that Mr. P. van Russia would be a weak leader and would not take any action. This has been the trigger of the war in 2014 and again in 2022, big nonsense that Russia suddenly attacks a country.

I think Russia has no such problem with NATO if you only consider the terrible silly countries of the EU and their leaders. But the biggest danger is the diabolical USA who then manages to cause a spark that is actually being attacked on a given day. Countries such as Russia, China and countless others know this, and must protect themselves strategically against this because there is a lot at stake (land, energy sources and / or way of life), Russia can only take in areas so that they are better protected against NATO because it will eventually come in the Ukraine, they know that. That's just the way that game of those beautiful tender people on this planet works, even in peacetime.

According to my conviction, this whole misery was provoked by the diabolical USA (step by step), to let Russia weaken considerably if they eventually let them out of the tent with war, and to cut ties with the EU. A lot had already been thought out in advance to hit Russia economically in a short time and to increase the hatred considerably. The diabolical USA uses the EU / NATO countries and Ukraine as pawns and doesn't care about Ukraine. The diabolical USA never cares about other countries, but pretends to try to achieve their goals. So what is my biggest personal disappointment? With the ease (psychology) with which others allow themselves to be manipulated so quickly, countries, companies, students and non-students. All the same opinion and in a short time Russia is the pariah of the world, honestly of the West then, the rest of the world know who the West are, just looking at the past (all those colonizations of their own countries and the crimes that were committed there at that time) and the illegal wars of recent years, the West is always involved. And personally, I think that Russia will come out with the rest of the world economically. Plans of the diabolical USA usually fail in the long term, the EU does have an enemy, so that has succeeded for the next 50 years. The cooperation has been destroyed again, as desired by the diabolical USA.

You wonder why this hatred of Russia went so smoothly within the West? I think because the West sees the people in the Ukraine as the same kind of people, so the emotions run higher. We don't have them with other cultures, and vice versa, although 48,000 years ago we were all descended from the same people, at least from the same continent of Africa, then a part mixed with the Neanderthals. That is why this is not achieved in illegal wars by the West, one can then just go about his business and there will be no counter-action. The Palestinian question is therefore never resolved. So the reactions have nothing to do with morality, otherwise we would already have a United Nations without the power of veto and there would be no more wars, but we do not want that (that's naive thinking). So with the carefully chosen stories and images one can respond well to the emotions, let some example companies to break ties with Russia, and as usual that gives a chain reaction, in this case never seen before. But the mechanism is known, a person likes to imitate everything in a certain situation. And factual knowledge is usually not there in the average person, and facts are quickly mixed up by manipulation (which can be so intense that one is sure it is the truth). At other events it strikes me that a person is only struck when he experiences something himself, man deals more laconic with events at a distance, which is why a United Nations without the power of veto is so difficult to achieve, the imagination is low developed in many people, it must first really happen in his neighborhood. Coming back to that Russia hatred. It is of course also the case that the USA is putting a lot of work into it via social media, the United Nations etc. to increase that hatred worldwide, it is striking at the right time. Conversely, there are simply no countries that work like this, e.g. against the USA, moreover no one dares to criticize the USA, are too dependent on the USA, everything they do is good. So with such an approach you can go far to achieve your goal, it is then easy to influence many citizens, to get all noses in 1 direction (mainly in the West then) eg. Russia invades another country again etc. (with Russia one does, however, refer to the distant past when it was still the Soviet Union).

So the proof has now been provided what the diabolical USA can achieve when they want to, they have the ability to easily manipulate others while they themselves are safely watching from a distance. So that's what I meant by that spark. Even Sweden and Finland suddenly feel threatened. And the end is not yet in sight, step by step the diabolical USA is trying to escalate the situation more and more and with the support of silly, no one knows where it can end up, 1 thing is certainly the diabolical USA likes to take risks with the world population. And don't forget that with little effort, they separated the EU from Russia, which will give them large returns for the sale of additional weapons, oil and gas. So it is economically a big blow for the diabolical USA, it has also cost them very little money. And their trump card, hate speech in the world, has been used very effectively. And let's face it, the world gets what it deserves.

And then all those specialists nowadays with their opinions. Give Ukraine more heavier weapons, then you can push back the Russians, I think the Russians will hit back harder, possibly with light nuclear weapons if they get into a lot of trouble. Or take all Russians' money away. Then it seems to me that a new wave of terrorism will arise after the war, politicians will then have to be extra protected for a long time. The West will never blame itself. They confuse the words justice and hypocrisy.

You also see in this war that today's weapons are so advanced that there is a kind of stalemate, with a winner possibly, but it is not that easy anymore. We will also see that in the future when the diabolical USA, China and Russia ever dare to attack, this will be different from the wars against opponents in the Middle East who have few advanced weapons. I think the U.S. aircraft carriers will soon end up at the bottom of the ocean and satellites in space will soon be disabled, ending the precision bombing (from both sides, of course). And then they have the same problem as others have with them, going to war far from home is not easy, an advantage of the diabolical USA that they still enjoy today. And the weapons are becoming even more advanced. I am also curious in the future who will not be the first to restrain themselves from using nuclear weapons, the second time in the world, I think I already know the answer. Whether others literally force them to use so that you have a justification up your sleeve, unfortunately, the ordinary citizen will bear the brunt as usual.

I personally think the devilish USA is the biggest threat to world peace, they are extremely aggressive and it seems as if they are working on this day and night, then they are friends with a country again and then they turn against that country again and vice versa to achieve a current goal, play countries against each other, they benefit from chaos in the world. A war is also raging in the diabolical USA itself, they also hate each other, for the sake of certainty, everyone has a firearm in their home. Their entire history consists of a series of violence. It all started with the genocide of the original inhabitants, even their bison were deliberately (almost) exterminated. And they do not shy away from any means, think of the atomic bombs on Japan (250,000 deaths, civilians, and a few 100,000 later from cancer etc.) and napalm (chemical) in Vietnam / Korea, on the elderly, women, children and babies (unfortunately men are never mentioned, that doesn't seem to make an impression in the media). And think of illegal wars in recent years with 100,000 deaths. What is also so incomprehensible is that if a president in the diabolical USA is unpopular, the word war is enough to suddenly increase his popularity. As if violence has been passed on in the genes since the first (mourning) settlers and one feels comfortable and then gives a certain unity.

You wish you could say at some point, ok this was the past. But it is unfortunately not only Russia against which the hatred is staged, but also against China (because they may deliver only cheap products that have made many millionaires in the West) and later other emerging superpowers. It's about money and power, and that hunger is very great in the diabolical USA. Eventually they will succumb to that, too much competition. Other peoples seem smarter than the West. Unfortunately, the United Nations is also abused by the West, they ignore the rules when it suits them and under the leadership of the diabolical USA they go to war with their NATO slaves, which is actually against their own charter. The International Criminal Court only seems to be an institution for non-Western countries. Would the whole world rather be blackmailed by the diabolical USA or rather be led by the United Nations without the power of veto?

Therefore, there is only 1 solution, which the West in its real time of power has squandered through greed. Namely, a United Nations without the power of veto and with a world army, joint decision-making in the world where no one has to be afraid of the other, great wars will soon be a thing of the past as well as the mistreatment of animals. Difficult problems can be solved by tribunals, such as the Palestinian issue.

Will this ever be feasible? Hard to say although it's so obvious. We know that 1000 strong buffaloes in nature are afraid of 1 lion because those buffaloes are not able to organize themselves, every buffalo runs away. That's basically how it is with people today. 8 billion people like to walk away from this subject, they are convinced that this makes no sense, it can also be selfishness or great indifference, moreover, people are easy to manipulate with the right psychology. But in the end, the effect is the same as with those buffaloes, not being able to organize themselves. The small groups of leaders in the world who can do this, therefore, have the power!

All the problems with Russia are caused by that NATO whining in peacetime, led by the diabolical USA (which knows what they are doing) with their silly EU slaves or called the West. The West wants to be in control and therefore does not do their best for a real United Nations. In the long run, that will turn out to be a mistake and the roles in the world will change. If you know history well, that is a natural thing, no one will try to counteract this and therefore I believe that life in the future will not be different from the past, the egoistic and indifferent man does not have it in him (and even scam their children with house prices and even make up the money of their future), and that of course also applies to political leaders who want to be popular (also a form of selfishness), they always act too late because they are not scientists (think, for example, of the climate problem that was already known in the 70s). Of course, I hope I'm wrong!


I hope that there are individuals or organizations who firmly believe in the intensive cooperation of countries without veto rights, who will nevertheless try intensely to achieve this. It will be difficult because most people on this planet are very manipulative despite their studies and the biggest problem on this planet is egoism and indifference. As long as people think that I'm doing well at the moment, I don't care about the rest, I have no influence anyway. If the latter indeed 8 billion inhabitants of this planet think so, indeed only few (and very brutally) remain in charge.

Commentary, 1 year later (updated December 2023)

**On average every 80 years due to the short-term existence of a human being, the inhabitants of a permanent landscape with houses / business premises are replaced by a new generation, already 8 billion, and still unable to prevent a few leaders from causing war in the world. You don't understand that 8 billion people are so docile, which of course leaders think is a fantastic trait!**

**There have been such horrific atrocities committed in the (near) past (by attacker and defender), that I can imagine that this is incomprehensible to a new generation in peacetime, everything seems nice, and therefore there is no strong drive to achieve a United Nations without the power of veto, although one now has a technical tool in their hands that did not exist in the past: the social media with which everyone can be reached in the world!**

**In any case, it seems clear to me that we, 8 billion inhabitants, need to organise ourselves better than the buffalo worldwide. And don't let leaders determine everything solely out of convenience, indifference or selfishness, eventually there may come a black day when we will literally regret this!**

**It seems as if a person through the centuries has principles in his younger years, but in his adult phase until his death he is mainly concerned with himself, and with the exception of technology means little to the next generations. The hatred towards others is also always passed on, because we live too short and have no personal experience of the (cruel) past, we get stuck in this cycle. I think if we could live to be 1000 years old, through more personal experience at some point we would see through the absurdity of our actions.**

**It seems with conflicts in the world that people first have to be directed by political leaders to be outraged, if this has not happened there is little outrage, take for example the Palestinian conflict as an example. That's why not much changes in the world, we're pretty simple!**

**Far from home, over the centuries people are being in conflict with fierce aggression and anger in them and resemble a kind of insane, but can come across as sweet in their own environment**

**Space and planet Earth are a great mystery, there must be a meaning for our entire existence. Unfortunately, after 6 million years, this system has only produced a kind of lunatics with blind followers, and it will continue to do so for the time being, although every century something advances, but excruciatingly slowly.**

The old version of this (power of veto) website can be found in this web archive (not anymore). But I have been able to include the most recent content in a subdomain "", I don't want to index this subdomain so copy the name by yourself in the browser, login details are svpwr / vcndfheu@#$

This (power of veto) website can no longer be found in Google in both Dutch and English, the English Einstein website is also untraceable because it contains a link to the English version of this (power of veto) website. Funny! It should not be a tame website, the topic is about how we can manage our own happiness or that of next generations worldwide in the future. Always (easily) found in other search engines. But for how long? The English Einstein website has also been unfindable in Bing since Dec. 2023. Unfortunately, the EU does not have its own search engine and the USA determines almost everything in the world! So we are still a province of the USA, but I am still glad that we in the EU spend more money on social affairs so that every citizen gets better off and money is not only spent on the sickly expansion of power!

Lifting the power of veto is, of course, not naïve. This must be prepared in a well-considered manner, legislated in law, preserving every culture, only one must abide by general laws of the United Nations, literally everyone. Anyone who violates them will be punished by the other nations together, no country can stand up to the whole world, sanctions can stop the entire trade in a country. This should eventually reduce the probability of pointless wars to 0. So for the benefit of every living creature on this Earth, animal cruelty will also come to an end (think, for example, of the cruel boiling of a lobster alive)! A world army makes NATO and other local military alliances obsolete. All this, of course, will take its time, a process of many years. Actually, life only got better after the Second World War, before that everyone was at war with each other since the beginning of man. And horrific atrocities have been committed by man over the centuries. Even towards the end of the Second World War. Consider, for example, the many carpet bombings by England with incendiary bombs on major German cities in which 1.5 million civilians died, many burned alive or even boiled alive in heated fountains. Or the carpet bombing by the USA on 67 Japanese cities with napalm incendiary bombs, killing 500,000 civilians. Now this is no longer allowed and is now called war crimes. But still there have been enough wars again and it is still brewing, it seems difficult to prevent in man. And don't forget that new generations may have the idea of ​​following the pure path because things are going well for a while (animal slaughterhouses are also hidden on industrial sites, no human / child sees them from the inside in his / her life what is happening there), but the criminality of previous generations is passed on in the genes, almost every people / country has committed atrocities in the (near) past, it is waiting for the moment when everything is not so rosy to test yourself how you will behave, a United Nations without the power of veto prevents this by forcing you to continue to follow the pure path.

If you read the history from 1500 onwards about the world or Europe, for example, you will notice that countries always cooperate in waging war when there is a certain advantage to be gained. So e.g. countries X and Y work together to attack country Z, some years later this is different again, e.g. countries X and Z work together to attack country Y. So this already shows a bit that a human being is unreliable in general. But how could you explain this (see later)?

The tactic of the USA is always to enter into a close relationship with those countries that have a tension with a country that is an obsession for the USA. For example, Ukraine is used to eventually come into conflict with Russia (already happening), Taiwan to eventually come into conflict with China and Saudi Arabia with Iran, but the latter picture has been distorted at the hands of China. First they dropped not 1 but 2 atomic bombs on Japan (killing 250,000 civilians and a few 100,000 later from cancer etc.), now Japan is going to buy weapons en masse from the USA to increase tension with China. So the latest tactic of the USA is now to let someone else go into the fight and stay out of the picture (apparently), feed them with weapons, so even make a good profit from them, if they don't have money then they have to be granted big favors later, so always a win-win situation. You never see the USA making efforts to reduce the tension with China, for example to achieve a long-term peace between Taiwan, Japan and China. Even the former Prime Minister of Taiwan would like to cooperate with China, the smartest solution seems to me, what an intellectual superpower Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China could be together if they made an effort (together with other countries), the USA ensures that this will not be anything. In World War II, Germany was a common enemy that also killed 6 million people in concentration camps, and was defeated by Russia and the concentration camps were also liberated (and also partly by the USA of course). A few years later, Germany and the USA fight again together with other liberated countries against Russia. The picture has not changed since the example from 1500 onwards. It was also clearly stated for the first time openly by President T. that the USA abroad only thinks of its own self-interest.

Fortunately, psychology helps with this, which says that many leaders suffer from psychopathy, so are psychopaths, which does not mean that they have an urge to kill themselves but do have traits of a psychopath. This makes it immediately clear that all the wars we always have, have to do with those kinds of leaders, the average citizen does not want war, but is always forced. There is also a big difference between a war where one has to defend oneself (such as against Germany) or a provoked war.

Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, NATO has been able to unite more and more (former Soviet Union) countries to NATO against the verbal agreements, this has been relatively easy. From 2008 onwards, there was already talk of including Ukraine, Russia's immediate neighbour, to join NATO, but this was clearly a step too far that Russia absolutely did not accept, Ukraine is too much of a buffer against NATO. You can compare it that Russia set up his weapons at the border of the USA in Mexico, that would also be unacceptable by the USA. And why would you do that in peacetime, precisely, to naturally increase tensions, to see how far you can go. For the USA this is a kind of hobby!

A new government of young leaders in Ukraine has been tempted by the USA and EU/NATO not to clearly distance themselves from the desire to eventually join NATO, and has therefore Russia forced into peacetime war, indirectly declared by Ukraine itself. They dream of joining the EU (which is always possible if they renounce their corruption, so there is still a long way to go) and NATO (stoked by the USA), the EU and NATO dream of additional territorial expansion, so so far a few 10,000 (maybe 100,000) young people have died on both sides and I would like to see all those leaders (Ukraine, EU and NATO) want to charge murder! But yes, killing 1 human is murder, a few 10,000 is allowed and that is called war, this is how AI works in the human brain. I'm curious how AI itself will reason about that later. I respect all those men/women who have fled and have not given their lives for such a leader suffering from psychopathy who, as always, gets away without a scratch. And if you don't believe in anything like most of us, why give up your own life with that one chance you've been given on this Earth?

If I may be honest, I never get the idea when I see all those leaders together, sometimes with their heads against each other as if they are from 1 tribe, that someone cares that a few 10,000 young people are giving their lives in a miserable way, they whip each other up, and I see here a large group of leaders suffering from psychopathy, led by the US chief psychopath (who also really enjoys it outwardly) who fear them all because of their great dependence in almost every field (also spying on every resident/company). So it is never good to be so dependent on 1 country. Just as a murderous psychopath can bind people to himself, I also see that such a group of leaders can bind an entire population to himself with false arguments, man falls for it again and it is war, and still waiting now how serious it will end (Ukraine must and will become a NATO country, no matter how many deaths that costs), the citizens will always be the losers, the leaders will not get a scratch.

I see little difference between an autocracy and a democracy, I don't think the people have any real say in either. If you really want to improve democracy, extra large groups of non-politically involved citizens (think of a kind of jury duty) must be involved in real big decisions such as war, etc. Also, a test should be developed like a dog can be tested for rabies, or a leader does not suffer from psychopathy, which in itself can prevent a lot of misery.

But the ultimate solution remains, of course, a United Nations without the power of veto!

The annoying thing is if you don't believe in anything, that it doesn't matter how you interact with each other in the world (space / nature does not get upset by it), it is then only pure self-interest and survival drive, very little and simplistic to get through every day like this .. The meaning of our short-term existence is a great mystery, when you're young you don't care much about that (logical), everything seems nice, but for some seniors like me it's a headache file, even though life is running personaly successfully. And it's also incredible that after 6 million years we haven't been able to interact normally in the world. If our lives are purely coincidental, then it is logical that we resemble insane, coincidence does not create a perfect being. So we are actually quite low-developed creatures or are we going to prove in the future that we are smarter after all?

Addition (updated July 2024)

I will try not to repeat myself, because I have already written a lot above how I think, we are who we are, and I think that not much will change in the world because 8 billion people are not able to organize themselves in a way that the evil will no longer dominate, moreover I also think that the will is not even there, We're pretty simple creatures. If you don't naturally want to live a selfish life, this life may be a waste of time, and as a senior you should be happy that science is not able to extend this life considerably to waste even more time, you better not be there.

I always have the idea when I talk to fellow people around me that a Westerner thinks he is some kind of saint. To hold up a mirror once again, the West has colonized every defenseless country in the past, i.e. brutally invaded and taken over. Now all those colonies have been dissolved, but countries / continents such as North America, South America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have remained occupied and have been definitively taken over from the original inhabitants. South Africa was finally returned. So the West has brutally taken over 1/3 of the world outside its own territory (Europe), so is certainly not a saint, but we simply get rid of it by blaming the past, and have recognized those occupied territories ourselves. The Soviet Union / Russia occupied some countries after a very bloody World War II with 27 million of its own victims. Yet I can imagine that after such a bloody war, the enemy driven out of those countries, and those countries not immediately released for fear of having to repeat this again if necessary. I'm not saying this was the real reason, but I could imagine it after such a horrific war. What would the USA have done in such a situation on its own continents? In the end, those countries were released again. So, on balance, the Soviet Union / Russia has released more countries than the West has.

The West has become accustomed to playing a dominant role in the world, and finds it difficult to tolerate being slowly overtaken by others whom it has previously exploited. The West is used to getting its way. We can also say that the West can be presented as the combination of the EU and the USA, because the EU is the only "power" in the world that is not an independent "superpower", the EU is completely controlled by the USA in every area, the naïve leaders are completely instructed by the USA. If the U.S. claims that Russia is going to attack NATO (or a non-NATO country yet), then those naïve leaders are going to manipulate their population in such a way that this will lead to their own truth. And then all that drivel about espionage, every toddler knows that the USA collects all data about people and companies (illegally?), from every country that does not put a filter on the internet, even an IT expert has the greatest difficulty in avoiding this.

What is freedom? There are always politicians who can persuade the population to choose a different situation that seems more favorable, usually only to do with the politicians themselves. E.g. suppose that politicians in the states of California or Alaska would think that California or Alaska should become a country independent of the USA. Do you really think that the USA would agree to this, it would also lead irrevocably to war.

The relationship between the EU and Russia was getting better and better, and suddenly it was getting worse because of NATO's constant threat to eventually let Ukraine become a member as well. If you can make this fall under the heading of complete freedom, becoming a member of the EU you can. Wouldn't this always have led to war in history, to want to conquer a territory in one way or another that endangers the balance of power? The EU has fallen into the trap of the USA and is gradually building up tensions with various superpowers, which is what you get when you give leaders completely free rein and do not believe in a UN. I wonder if I personally, in my war-free life in the EU, will still experience war at the last minute, caused by literal deep stupidity.

In the meantime, we are also letting Israel do its thing, the Palestinian problem will never be solved either, because the leaders (of the world / countries) have little problem with it (every now and then they find it really bad), and therefore neither does the population, 8 billion people are incapable of making decisions about their own world. I think it is good that more and more countries are recognising Palestine, that would be a possibility of gradually resolving this conflict. There are many countries that have already done this, unfortunately there are also many frightened countries.

The most important thing seems to me to be that as long as the right of veto is not lifted, to come up with new laws in which the authority of leaders for major decisions such as wars, secretly permitted espionage etc. is severely restricted and citizens are given more say in these matters, mind you citizens are the inhabitants of this world, leaders are a small group of elected citizens who must know their limitations and are only allowed to regulate the smaller matters. Just as employees like to do a favor to their CEO, leaders also like to do the same to a superleader, and therein lies the great danger.

Again, we are who we are by nature. If every inhabitant of this world would to change in the course of time (evolution etc.) in such a way that they develop a very deep feeling for real (read, not false) injustice as a natural feeling, then life could become pleasant for everyone ..

**As a senior, you have more time to think about everything more deeply. Normally you are busy with so many things as a kind of automaton / robot, and in the meantime the short life goes by very quickly. If I really thought that life has no purpose at all, I wouldn't want to live a minute longer, everything would have 0% meaning no matter what you do. I can't imagine that everything around us just came into existence out of nothing and of itself and is so intelligently put together. I can understand that my level of thinking is limited and therefore cannot understand it, I am part of nature but not above it, so it is not the other way around. Therefore, it is just a matter of waiting to see what will literally happen after death. Of course, I also have constant doubts, because no matter how intelligent everything is, I don't find that in my fellow human beings, generation after generation. Man remains the same century after century (for 6 million years) and is constantly waging war and still does not see the absurdity of his actions. Is unable to break that pattern, is selfish and greedy, is cowardly, aggressive, untrustworthy and uncaring, is easy to manipulate, never has enough and does not see the limits of nature, is unable to create a better world for each other, is hypocritical and sees only false injustices. Why should such a being be rewarded, is this life perhaps a learning experience for a sequel, but why? For the time being, I'm just assuming that I don't have the level to understand it and just wait and see and am glad that it's finite in this world, so that this constant irritation comes to an end ..**